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We are dedicated to providing branding & marketing solutions to forward thinking organizations and initiatives that encourage sustainable communities, better education, and a positive tomorrow for everyone.

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Fresh Perspective

Suntra is a technology-based branding and marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada - we focus on understanding and enabling your business to become more efficient in day to day processes using the right technologies and marketing strategies to engage your customers.


Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience from working for different types of businesses and organizations, and it’s been a great journey because we love what we do - helping others grow through our services!

Moving forward though, we believe that we should and could all be working together collectively for a better world for all of us, so we’ve committed to working with groups, companies and organizations that are in the field of improving our communities and the world we live in – especially those in the field of sustainable living and education.

We believe in learning, adapting and growing as individuals, organizations, and communities, to help each other along the way to make it a positive and meaningful journey.

What we do

Digital Media Social Laboratories Traditional
Website / Microsite Social Media Strategies Analytics & Reporting Branding strategy
Usability Social Channel(s) Monitoring Concept Development Print Design
Custom Web Apps Social Campaign Ideation Marketing Research Event Branding
Mobile Social Media Reports E-Learning Packaging
E-Commerce / CMS SEO / SEM Enterprise Planning
- Business Process
- Information architecture


Every opportunity is unique. We determine what your needs and requirements are and work with you to offer you services from brand development, web design, marketing and SEO to custom web and mobile applications using our successful approach below: (mouseover the icons below to see details)

We learn your business and market space!


We listen to you, and get a better understanding of your business situation.

We focus on understanding what your business objectives, goals, challenges and opportunities are, along with who your customers are, and how they interact with your brand to really understand the overall space.
We plan your project, creating goals and social media and marketing strategies!


Our next step is to work with you to set up goals, and plan out a path to your destination, based on your vision.

 We take a collaborative approach to project management, and create a roadmap that drives the design and technology decisions and also work with you to develop your social media and marketing strategies to reach your audience.
We make things interactive, graphic design.


Here is where we let our imaginations meet functionality;

Creating rich and interactive designs that make it easier for your customers to understand your message.
We leverage our technology expertise to advice or build solutions such as CMS, CRM, and e-commerces


We leverage our technology expertise for comprehensive solution development and project management to allow your business to maximize productivity and growth.

Our technical capabilities include e-commerce, content managed systems and CRM solutions.
We ensure that all user experiences are tested across all mediums.


We ensure that all the user experiences are rigorously tested across all mediums - quality assurance and reviews are completed within Suntra Labs.

Once the project is complete we work with the client's IT team to deploy to a live environment.
We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign or project to ensure that your reaching the target goal, and your customers


We help guide the solution for growth and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign or project to ensure that your reaching the target goal, and your customers.
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Case Study

Starwood, a leader in providing luxury accommodations to its clientele in hotels across the world, has been moving towards becoming a more environmentally conscious brand and company, and implementing green initiatives throughout its hotels.

Its newest brand, element by Westin, has even made a brand-wide commitment to pursue the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED Certification - the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. Visit the elements website

Elements of Starwood
Elements of Starwood

Client: Starwood Global Sales Office Canada
Project: Event Branding for - Elements of Starwood Event


The Starwood Global Sales Office Canada hosted a client event in June 2008 called "Elements of Starwood" where clients were introduced to new initiatives, projects, and undertakings by various Starwood Hotels and Resorts towards becoming more green, environment friendly and sustainable lifestyle hotels.

Our Involvement

We were brought on to theme, brand, design and create a microsite for the event. The event had to be themed alongside Starwood's already existing strong brand, as well as have its own distinguished brand and feel. It was key for the microsite to communicate Starwood’s message of moving towards a greener lifestyle company while creating a warm, interesting and inviting microsite that would encourage maximum client participation at the event.


Suntra created a microsite for the event, focusing on a clean, and fresh design that highlighted a greener world and positive, healthier lifestyle, accompanied by calm and inviting music. Strong and relative imagery was used to portray a sustainable world and relate it to the "Elements of Starwood" theme.

The site was so well received by the client, and in line with their concept, that the client decided to theme the entire event based on the microsite. Following the site development, Suntra also designed the event banners, custom nametags, place cards and tradeshow cards for the event.

Recycled Paper was used Recycled paper was used for the printing of the paper items for the event.

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Brand Experience

Some of our selected work.

  • Centennial Gala
    Website Site + Print
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • JasinDS
    Website Site + Branding
    jquery / design
  • Unheard Voices of 9/11
    Website + Custom Webapp + Branding
    php / jquery / design
  • AvantDerm
    Website Site + Marketing Strategy + Content Planning
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Community Lab
    Design + Branding + Social Media
  • Arora Events
    Website Site + Marketing materials
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Feronia
    Marketing materials. Video Presentation.
  • Breakaway Promotion
    Store Design + Banners
    jquery / design
  • 1000 Stars
    Website Site + Branding
    php / jquery / design
  • Dynamic Planners
    Website Site + Branding
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Luv to Bhang
    Website Site
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Desiwear
    Ecommerce Site
    magento / jquery / design
  • Sikh Coalition - Gala
    Website Site + Branding + Print
    php / jquery / design
  • Sikh Coalition
  • JT Saund
    Website Site
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Sikh Centennial Foundation
    Website Site + Branding + Print
    php / jquery / design
  • Osaka Capital
    Website Site + Branding
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Banga Photography
    Website Site + Branding
    wordpress / jquery / design
  • Terra Gold
    Website + Branding
    xhtml / design
  • Starwood Blast - Tete A Tete
    flash email blast
    xhtml / flash / design
  • Southern Accent Event Catering
    xhtml / branding / design
  • Southern Accent Restaurant
    xhtml / flash / design
  • Starwood SSI Blast
    flash interactive email blast
    xhtml / flash / design
  • Ungava Mines
    website + branding
    xhtml / branding / design
  • Unigold
    cms website + brand updating
    xhtml / flash / design
  • eBay's Fantasy Hockey
    email blast / banners
    design / flash
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